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Community Alternative Programs: In a Gist

Community Alternative Programs: In a Gist

Do you have loved ones who are disabled? Or do you have children with limited mobility or disability? If you do, you could avail of community alternative programs for them. This is part of the personal care services in Ahoskie, North Carolina designed for the welfare and recovery of people with disabilities.

What Are the Inclusions of Community Alternative Programs (CAP)?

CAP is given to disabled people who want to receive care and support at home. CAP is offered by a non medical home care agency in Ahoskie, North Carolina to provide the following solutions and services for the patient:

  • Assistance in looking for funding assistance for health care
  • Guidance on the policies of the patients’ healthcare
  • Counseling services for the patients and their families
  • Guidance on rehabilitative care planning
  • Education and guidance on care development
  • Assistance for the arrangement of in-patient and out-patient hospital services

Why Avail of CAP?

CAP is an apt service to avail if your loved ones suffer from major health conditions. Why? This service offers highly technical assistance a normal person won’t be able to give. For the family members, availing of CAP means enjoying the following benefits:

  • Free up some time to talk and spend quality time with loved ones
  • Ensure expert service for the patient
  • Be more aware and knowledgeable about the disability or disease
  • Take advantage of collaborative care for your loved ones

As part of the home life care services in North Carolina, a CAP care coordinator will work closely with the patients and their family members. They will monitor and assess the status of the patient. And provide apt tips and assistance to improve the patient’s quality of life, despite the disability.

At Home Life Care, Inc, it’s been our goal to provide patient-centered CAP service. This is our way of staying true to our commitment to helping people, especially those with physical challenges and disabilities. Feel free to visit or call the office to know more about our services.

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