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Fall Prevention: What You Can Do at Home

Fall Prevention: What You Can Do at Home

Sometimes the greatest hazard for our welfare and our elderly’s welfare is found in the little things. We can be perfectly fine in one minute until we slip on the bathroom floor and have our lower body paralyzed. Fall and injuries are very common among seniors. It is not just because of old age but our body may not be as efficient and agile as it was before.

Injuries caused by falling are one of the biggest contributing factors to the decline of health among seniors in America. We might think that we can easily solve this by making our environment safe, but we have to do more than that. Our Non-Medical Home Care Agency in Ahoskie, North Carolina, the Home Life Care, Inc. provides personal care services which can help guide your seniors in their daily living.

But if you ask if there is something that you can do at home, we have a few tips you can follow to ensure that your home is friendly for your senior loved ones.

  • Learn everything that you need to know

    If your loved one has already had a history of falling or slipping on the floor, it is best to consult their doctor first as to the kind of medication and therapy that they must undergo. A caregiver can only do so much but they could not function well if they have no proper direction from the doctor.

    As family members, it is vital that you take part in the whole recovery process. You have to understand the gravity of the injury, as well as the recovery process.

  • Clean all the clutter

    Make a thorough assessment of the house. You can look into the details, especially in the place where your senior loved one will stay. If their bedroom is situated on the second floor, you might want to consider transferring them to the ground floor. If you think the floor of their room is too slippery, you might consider changing the tiles of their room. You might even add a handle or railings on the walls just to make sure that they have something to hold on to when the floor is too wet or when they accidentally lose their balance.

  • Good lighting can never go wrong

    One of the contributing factors of falling is the poor lighting of the room. If your lights are too dim or if it is not that friendly to the eyes, there is a big possibility that we can trip or fall on the floor. Hence, it would be best to make the room of our senior loved ones well lit and with great ambiance so they will feel more relaxed and comfortable during their stay.

Indeed, fall prevention is a tedious task. For seniors who need a more thorough assistance on their daily living or those who cannot walk properly anymore, a caregiver might be needed. If you are looking for a caregiver who is knowledgeable in fall prevention measures and good in handling senior patients, our Personal Care Services in North Carolina, Home Life Care, Inc. can offer you such services.

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