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For the Older Members of the Family: Keep Yourself Healthy and Fit


According to the Population Reference Bureau (https://www.prb.org/aging-unitedstates-fact-sheet/), the number of seniors ages 65 and above will double in number after 40 years. But unlike the time of our grandparents and great-grandparents, now is the perfect time to be a senior.

More people live longer compared to those who lived in the past. Some disease attributed to aging can be cured or slowed down. How do you get to enjoy these privileges? Here are 4 ways how you can keep yourself healthy and fit even if you are way beyond your years:

  • Be active
    Many older adults believe that when they are older, they can ask other people especially younger individuals to do things for them. It is tempting to just laze around and let do others do the work but you have to get up and engage.

    Do something every day that will keep your strength, flexibility, balance, and cardiovascular health at its top condition. If this means you got to do housework, then do the chores yourself. But if your condition restricts you from doing household chores or from being active, you can always ask the help of a non-medical home care agency in Ahoskie, North Carolina.

  • Eat healthily
    In order to be healthy, you have to eat healthily. Take control of the amount of vitamins and minerals that enter your system. Love your body by eating your fruits, vegetables, and other nutritious food that will help your system work well.

    When you eat right, you can control or delay ailments such as heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, and many more. Invest in personal care services in North Carolina so your health will be right on track.

  • Protect your skin
    Our skin says a lot about our health. And when a person ages, his or her skin will soon appear drier and thinner. Make sure you protect your skin from the sun as much as possible.

    Stay away from too much exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. It will only increase your risk of having skin cancer.

  • Prevent falls
    Falls are dangerous especially if you are 65 years old and above. And the funny thing is that our risk of falling is higher when we are in our safe zones like our house. Loose wirings, poorly installed carpets, and unorganized furniture may be harmless but it can cause one to fall unexpectedly.

    This is where home life care services in North Carolina comes in. You need to be safe in your own abode for you to retire in peace and away from danger.

Our health is our number one investment. We should always take care of it to look and feel healthy and fit. This is our main concern for our patients at Home Life Care, Inc.

How do you maintain your youth and vigor despite your age? Leave us a comment.

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