Home Adjustments to Improve Seniors’ Quality of Life

Home Adjustments to Improve Seniors’ Quality of Life

Caring for the elderly at home is a great way to ensure they’ll enjoy the warmth of family and close friends. But if you are still in the process of preparing your home for their arrival, availing of personal care services in North Carolina is an excellent start. That way, you’ll receive assistance for housekeeping, buying groceries, meal preparation, and grooming. Then, make the following adjustments to make the house conducive to the elderly’s security and health needs:

  • Switch to space-efficient furniture pieces and fixtures.
    Replace bulky free-standing cabinets with overhead storage options. Opt for circular seating with cushions, instead of those with sharp edges. Install temperature or motion sensors to faucets and toilets for automatic flushing.
  • Use slip-proof flooring materials and set up mobility aids.
    Use carpets for the bedroom, living area, and other common rooms. And have hardwood, tiles, and ramps for areas near entryways. Grab bars and handrails are also worthy additions to your home. It would also help to find home life care services in North Carolina that includes light housekeeping. That way, keeping your home’s cleanliness would be much easier.
  • Improve natural illumination and indoor air quality.
    Consider having the right choice of indoor plants, especially those that act as natural air filters. Widen the windows to let in natural light, air, and scenery. Flowering and scented plants are also awesome natural decors to have.

Making these adjustments as soon as possible is the best thing you can do to keep your elderly loved ones feel safe and comfy at home. If you are now planning to make these changes, avail support for these tasks from the experts at Home Life Care, Inc., a reputable non-medical home care agency.

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