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Getting Ready for a Visit to the Doctor

Visiting your doctor is important as this allows you to properly monitor your health. Seniors, in particular, need to be very watchful of their condition because degenerative diseases appear with old age. The problem is, oftentimes, a lot of people don’t know what to do in the doctor’s clinic. If you have ever caught yourself … Continue reading

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Important Vaccines Every Senior Should Have

Often, when we talk about vaccination, we associate this with children whose immune systems are not yet well equipped to battle the everyday risk of diseases and infections. But, did you know that as we grow older our immune system begins to weaken as well? As a normal part of bodily aging, the immune system … Continue reading

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The Importance of Keeping Medical Records

A lot of people pay little attention to their medical records. After checkups, many people just decide to throw these records away. Not a lot of people know that the medical records you have, including prescriptions, requests, and results, are like pieces to your very own health puzzle. They hold important clues to any condition … Continue reading

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Ways to Make Your Home Fallproof

According to statistics from the Center of Disease and Control Prevention (CDC), falling is one of the biggest health threats for seniors. One out of five falls is said to result in serious injuries. This makes falling one of the most common emergency room treatments that seniors seek. Compared to younger individuals, the risk of falling among … Continue reading

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