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In providing non-medical home care, we know that listening is where we begin to understand your situation better. Home Life Care, Inc. has trained caregivers who are not only competent in what they do but can also empathize with what you are going through.

At home, you may be caring for your mom with Alzheimer’s. Or, your dad could be facing mobility limitations that prevent him from walking unassisted. Perhaps you have grandparents who could use some human companionship at home while you’re at work. Whatever your family situation is at home, we can tailor a set of services that will suit your needs.

We provide the following:

Home Life Care, Inc. provides services for clients who, due to a medical condition, need help with personal care tasks and home management. Our services are authorized under the consent of the client’s primary physician. Our Registered Nurses report to the client’s primary physician with any changes in the client’s condition and are able to closely monitor the client’s status due to the daily visits made by our in-home aides.

On the first day of service with our clients, our registered nurse will meet the in-home aide at the client’s home and will personally review with the aide and the patient/family member the client’s personalized plan of care that is to be performed daily. We believe that with a proper introduction and orientation to the client and the client’s needs, in-home aide services will be better performed to meet the client’s goals and expectations.

How can we help you at home? You can reach us at 800-819-8988 for Personal Care Services in Ahoskie, North Carolina.