Keeping Resilient and Healthy Lungs for Seniors

Keeping Resilient and Healthy Lungs for Seniors

Recent events have highlighted the magnitude of the necessity of keeping our lungs healthy and resilient. No one is exempt from this truth. And seniors, even those under home life care services in North Carolina, are at risk of contracting a life-threatening illness in the form of COVID-19. This illness, brought about by SARS-CoV-2, has been the cause of many people’s problems.

In our experience in providing personal care services in North Carolina, we know how to keep seniors’ lungs healthy. There are a lot of ways to do so, but here are some of our most impactful recommendations:

  • Exercise regularly. Exercising can help strengthen the lungs and maintain a healthy heart.
  • Avoid air pollution and polluted areas because toxins and vapors in the air can damage the lungs.
  • Get vaccinated annually for the flu and the [common] strains of bacterial pneumonia.

We at Home Life Care, Inc. take the health of our clients seriously. During these troubled times, we take extra care to make sure our clients are safe from COVID-19 through proper precaution and health improvement. We are a leading non-medical home care agency, and we are hoping to get a chance to work with you to keep your loved ones safe.

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