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11 Powerful Quotes to Convey the Importance of Self-Care

Do Family Caregivers Need a Break? Personally taking care of your loved one is not a bad thing. In fact, being a family caregiver is a very noble act to do. However, this should not mean that you have to … Continue reading

Posted in Importance of Self-Care

A Sugary Life Tragedy: 7 Ways How Too Much Sugar Destroys Your Health

“Too much sugar is dangerous for your health.” You have probably heard this statement a million times. Do you believe it? Well, you should. By sugar, we are not talking about the natural sugars found in fruits. Rather, we are … Continue reading

Posted in Blood Sugar Level, Homecare, Senior Care

3 Ways to Achieve Happy Aging

We all want to grow old happy. We want to enjoy life even in our golden days. Perhaps, we would want to use our free time to travel or to visit our family every now and then. But because our … Continue reading

Posted in Companionship, Homecare, Senior Care

Fall Prevention: What You Can Do at Home

Sometimes the greatest hazard for our welfare and our elderly’s welfare is found in the little things. We can be perfectly fine in one minute until we slip on the bathroom floor and have our lower body paralyzed. Fall and … Continue reading

Posted in Companionship, Homecare, Senior Care


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