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Signs of Elderly Depression We Should Know


We are the only ones who could help our elderly loved ones from depression . But first, we should recognize that depression is not a flaw nor a sign of weakness. It can affect anyone’s life and because of various factors, it is more prevalent in senior citizens.

Among the signs of depression we should always look into whenever we visit our elderly loved ones are the following:

  • Weight Loss. Whether the weight loss of our elderly loved ones is sudden or gradual, we should exert effort to discover what has caused their weight loss. Most of the time, weight loss is due to depression which further causes loss of appetite. We would know if our elderly parents are not eating enough if there are only a few food in the fridge or most of the foods are spoiled. If we do the grocery for them regularly, we will know that they do not eat when there are still a lot of stocks in the kitchen.

  • Poor Hygiene. We will know that something is wrong if our elderly loved ones who used to be too obsessive with cleanliness have become the opposite. Some forget to change their clothes or don’t just bother to do so. Others do not take a bath and wear the same dirty clothes for days. These are among the worst indicators that our elderly loved ones are suffering from depression, and we should immediately ask a doctor for advice how to help our loved ones.

  • Loss of Memory. Another sign that our elderly parents might be experiencing depression is when they forget to follow their routine, so we have to check on them regularly. They might have cooking classes, yoga classes, or monthly visits with the doctor that they miss. We should also check on their medicine cabinet- they might have been failing to take their medications for days.

  • Lapses in Housekeeping. We know our elderly parents, especially our mothers, are too particular when it comes to housekeeping. So if we begin to notice that their house is more cluttered than usual or that the dishes have not been washed for days, we should ask them how they are feeling. Probably, they are just a little too exhausted to do the chores and if that is the problem, we might need to get help from a Home Life Care Services in North Carolina. But if you think that they might be feeling worse than exhaustion, we should talk to them and get them checked by a doctor.

Once we discover that our grandparents or adult parents are experiencing depression, we should never ignore it and take measures to have it cured. Home Life Care, Inc. opines that we should not be passive, but proactive when taking care of our elderly loved ones. If we find out they are lonely, we should accompany them or if we can’t do it 24/7, hire a companion from a Non-Medical Home Care Agency in Ahoskie, North Carolina.

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