Skincare Routine for Seniors

Skincare Routine for Seniors

Seniors, as they age, tend to have dry and flaky skin. Age spots, tags, and wrinkles — these skin problems worry many of our seniors, especially older women. And they may feel insecure about their appearances, giving more stress that may cause the rising of more body issues.

Luckily, elders who are under Personal Care Services in North Carolina, can get assistance to maintain a healthy lifestyle to nourish their skin. Here are some steps they can do as a routine.

  • Bathing and using skincare products
    Bathing and scrubbing can remove dead skin cells from the body. Elders can indulge with skincare products, specially concocted for their skin type, to bring back that smooth surface.
  • Eating nutritious food, fruits, and vegetables
    There are anti-aging foods our elders can consume to keep skin supple and glowing. Ask your aide from a Non-Medical Home Care agency, to serve you watermelon, citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, and other skin-healthy food during meals or snack time.
  • Taking supplements
    Taking Vitamins C and E will help keep seniors looking young. Aside from that, these vitamins are also beneficial for immunity and prevent inflammation.
  • Staying hydrated
    Drinking at least eight glasses of water a day will keep the elderly away from dry and itchy spots.

If you think a skin problem is caused by any underlying health problems, like sores that do not heal or yellowing of the skin, consult an expert for diagnosis and treatment.

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