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STOP, Look and Listen: A Fall Prevention Strategy


Avoiding falls at home is one of the greatest worries that family caregivers encounter when they are caring for someone who has balance or mobility issues. If you are worried about how to avert falls in the elderly at home, getting personal care services in North Carolina can help. Don’t wait for the time when they are actually in danger of falling before you address this problem.

Initiating fall preventive measures is a standout amongst other approaches to anticipate falls at home. One strategy against fall prevention is called STOP. This is an acronym that stands for scan, talk, organize, and plan. It’s a four-step procedure that helps prevent elderly falls to happen at home.
Here’s what S.T.O.P. is all about:


Making a safe domain for the elderly at home is the initial step that you should do to fall-proof the living space for the elderly. Falls can bring about deep-rooted versatility difficulties and health concerns for a few people, which is the reason why it is vital to be prepared for any situation.
Here are things you should consider:

  • Are there potential dangers lurking all around the house?
  • Is there a need to install safety grab bars along fall-prone areas like the bathroom?
  • Is it imperative to set up handrails along the corridors and hallways or any place the elderly may have a hard time getting to?
  • Is there adequate lighting all over the house?


Make sure to talk and offer your sweep discoveries (and fears of falling) with their doctor or healthcare professional. Whenever you see a potential threat, it is important to share what information you have in order to prevent the occurrence of a fall.


It’s essential to expel, wipe out, and limit the perils and dangers around your home. Make it a point to clean up every single free rope, mats, and other furniture that might be a stumbling or a falling risk for somebody with balance issues or a mobility device.


You should make a plan to prevent falls. Be sure to list each and everything that poses a potential threat to an occurrence of a fall and the possible answers that you can come up with. Ensure that your fall prevention design additionally incorporates access to healthcare professionals who can help you prevent falls.

Vision deterioration may bring about falls so have your loved one’s visual acuity checked consistently.

Keep in mind to incorporate vigorous exercises to enhance bone strength and balance. These kinds of exercises will help the individual you’re caring for to get into shape and limit their danger of falling by maintaining strength and balance.

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In the event that despite the information stapled above you still have inquiries regarding fall prevention at home and wish to talk with somebody, contact us at Home Life Care, Inc. You can also visit us at www.homelifecareinc.com.

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