Ways to Keep Your Aging Loved One Hydrated This Season

Ways to Keep Your Aging Loved One Hydrated This Season

Being properly hydrated is essential in our continued health. Unfortunately, a lot of seniors tend to neglect hydration. They don’t know that not drinking enough increases their risk of developing serious health conditions such as UTI and kidney failure. It also decreases the effectiveness of their medications.

Generally, seniors don’t drink enough water because they’re not as sensitive to thirst as they once were. So it’s important to have someone who can remind them to drink throughout the day, especially during summer. You can rely on reminder apps, checklists, or even better, personal care services in Ahoskie, North Carolina to keep them hydrated.

Other ways to encourage them to keep hydrated are listed below.

  • Place a water bottle or a pitcher of water in easily seen places
  • Ask them about what kind of drinks they prefer – hot or cold?
  • Make smoothies or fruit juices if they resist drinking plain water
  • Add savory and healthy soups to their meals
  • Tell them about the pros and cons of getting hydrated

Getting your loved one drink a sufficient amount of water isn’t easy, especially if they don’t like water and prefer sugary drinks. But remember that it’s a process. It’ll take quite a while for it to stick. If you ever feel like you need help in caring for your loved one, then don’t hesitate to turn to home life care services in North Carolnia.

As a trusted non medical home care agency in Ahoskie, North Carolina, Home Life Care, Inc. will do the best it can to provide the service that you need. Call us!

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