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Ways to Make Your Home Fallproof

Ways to Make Your Home Fallproof

According to statistics from the Center of Disease and Control Prevention (CDC), falling is one of the biggest health threats for seniors. One out of five falls is said to result in serious injuries. This makes falling one of the most common emergency room treatments that seniors seek.

Compared to younger individuals, the risk of falling among the elderly is a lot higher. The toll aging has on the body makes falling more dangerous among the elderly. As they age, their bones become more brittle and their muscles become weaker. As such, it is very important to take every measure to fallproof your home. As a provider of home life care services in North Carolina, we have a few tips to make your home safer for older adults.

First of all, you must remove any small furniture from your home. Although these small pieces really bring out that aesthetic minimalist feel, they can become hazards for your senior loved ones. Anything that doesn’t reach thigh height should go.
You should also add some non-slip mats on your home’s slippery areas. Usually, the high-risk areas in the home are the kitchen and bathrooms. Additionally, you should install handrails to help seniors move around. If you live in our area, you can also ask the assistance of our non medical home care agency in Ahoskie, North Carolina. We can ensure that your senior loved ones meet no harm. 
Another thing you should watch out for is anything “loose.” May they be loose floorboards, loose wires, or loose stairways—all these could be dangerous for your loved ones. Unlike younger individuals, it won’t be easy for seniors to regain their balance if they trip over. To keep them safe, it is better to remove these hazards.
If you are looking for a home care provider in Ahoskie, North Carolina to keep your senior loved ones safe, Home Life Care, Inc. is the place to go. We offer various services that are sure to give your seniors the assistance they need.

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